Home Practice
Inviting a little ease into your days 
As we adapt to the practice of social distancing over the next couple of weeks,  I am creating a space where we can continue our practice together.  Reducing stress is a key component of health. Each week day I will post a practice here to help you connect to your body and ease your mind.  ​​

These classes are being offered for free in an effort to support those who are experiencing financial hardships due to the shutdown of schools and businesses. As a small business owner whose work has come to a grinding halt, I understand the heavy burden and uncertainty of these times.   If you are not affected and would like to support this effort of providing free classes, your donations are greatly appreciated.  

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Home Practices

Day 1: Grounding

Day 2: Vinyasa

Day 3: Strong Backs, Open Hearts

I filmed this at night which made it a little blurry.  Bear with me as I figure this whole thing out, there will be a steep learning curve.  Until tomorrow, enjoy this practice with deep, grounding breaths.
An intermediate vinyasa class.  Vinyasa classes flow from one pose to the next, linking movement and breath.  Still learning with the equipment here, I recognize the sound is a little quiet.  Hopefully tomorrow we get it just right.  
This moment we are in requires us to move through our days with open hearts and strong backs.  Join me for a short morning practice that builds strength in our back body and core to help us navigate our days with greater presence.

Day 4: Deep Roots

Day 5: Neck & Shoulders

Day 6: Heart Openers

It is easy to feel isolated and alone right now.  In this practice, we will explore the root chakra and invite a sense of connection to something much greater than ourselves.
This practice focuses on easing tension in  your neck and shoulders, while increasing mobility.  
This practice focuses on opening the heart. We open our hearts to express gratitude to all those who are keeping things moving in this moment and to those on the front lines of our healthcare system.

Day ​ 7 Vinyasa

Day ​ 8 Twists

Day ​ 9 : Restorative

Another Tuesday vinyasa class.  This week we focus our practice on emodying the four elements in our sunsalutions.
Join me for a practice focused on twists.  Twists are helpful in reducing stress and backpain while improving digestive function.  
If the body is tired, let it rest. Today we focus our practice on restoration. Nourishing the body and mind through a gentle restorative practice. 

Day ​ 10 Groundhog Day

Day ​ 11: Cultivating Presence & Ease

Day 12: Vinyasa

Life while we are homebound can feel a bit like Groundhog day, one day just a little bit different than the day before. We are going to use that repeating pattern with warrior III pose to learn how repeating something actually builds our stamina and confidence.

As we start week three of our social/physical distancing, we focus our practice on cultivating presence and ease to guide us through another week.

Join me for another Tuesday Vinyasa. These classes are designed to build energy, strength and flexibility in your body, while keeping your movements rooted in breath.

Day ​ 13: 5 Min Yoga in 10 Min

Day ​ 14Gentle, Slow Vinyasa

Day ​ 15: Yoga Nidra

The aim for today's practice was to share a five minute practice that one could do on mornings where you feel short on time or energy. However, this five minute practice takes ten minutes.

Join me for another homebound yoga class. This is a very gentle vinyasa class with modification ideas offered.

Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Yoga nidra is deeply relaxing and can soothe stress and improve sleep.

Day ​16: No Practice Today

Day ​ 17: Vinyasa

Even during homebound days, you need a break.  What is something you can do today that nourishes your soul?  Cook a beautiful meal, snuggle in bed with a good book, take a long walk outside.  Take care of yourself today and I will meet you back here tomorrow.

Another Tuesday vinyasa.  This week we will open the hips and stretch the hamstrings in preparation for the splits (modified splits that is).

Today's practice focuses out attention on the heart. Listening to our bodies is an important practice. Today we will experiment with listening to the heart and being with whatever arises.

Creative Journaling

Creative journaling is a pocess that helps us to develop insight through combining writing with visual
forms such as drawing, painting, or collage.  Click on the links below to see our journal
prompts for each week.

Contact your Inner Teacher

Dear Self,

Sunflower Kid Videos

Trip to Warrior Mountain

Rainy Day Mindful Art

Greeting the Sun

Join Amelia and me for an introduction to Sun Salutations.  This class is for children ages, 6-12.  You will need a straw for this class.  A straw?  Yes, a straw.  If you don't have one, we may be able to improvise.
Join Lorelei and me for an adventure to Warrior Mountain.  This is a yoga adventure for children ages 3-8.
Join Lorelei and me for an art practice we like to do called one stroke paintings.  You can use paint, crayons, or a marker.  Grab some art supplies and paper and join us!  All ages.

Painting Cherry Blossom Branches

Deep Sea Adventure

I am the Sky

Join Amelia and me for a fun art project making cherry blossom branches.  You will need watercolor paint, a brush, paper and that handy ol' straw.
Join Ezra and me for a deep sea adventure.  We will swim the seas in search of wildlife.  What do you think we will see?  This yoga adventure is for children ages 3-8.
Join Ezra and me for a thought-provoking art exercise on mindfulness and stress. This mindful art practice is appropriate for children & adults ages 7 and up.

All About Birds

Drawing from the Mind's Eye

Gratitude Circles/Bubbles

Join Lorelei and me for practice where we use our yoga poses to explore what is feels like to be a bird.  We even have a special guest, who knows just what it feels like to be a bird.
Join Lorelei and me as we draw birds with our eyes closed in this fun way to create art capturing details from your mind's eye.
Join Amelia and me as we use art to explore gratitude.  There is so much to be grateful for and art is a fun way to express it.


Journey to Space

Portrait of My Thoughts

Join Amelia and me for practice designed to ground us in our bodies when our minds are filled with worry.  This class is designed for children 7 and up.
Join Ezra and me for a space adventure.  We will blast off into space and experience what it is like to be on other planets.  We had some technical issues with our camera focusing, so we tried to make up for it with cool audio effects.
Join Ezra and me for an art practice where we give our thoughts personalities by drawing a portrait of them. It's interesting what you can learn from spending time with your thoughts this way. 

Partner Poses

The Art of Conversation

JIn this Sunflower Kids yoga class, we practice partner poses. Partner poses can be a fun wa of bonding and increasing communication between parent and child. We do some acro yoga poses, so another adult present to be a spotter is a good idea.
Mindful Art: Learn the art of a good conversation. See if you can carve out some time to have a mindful conversation with someone you love today.