Classes & Workshops

The following is a list of classes, groups and workshops offered through Sunflower Yoga & Mindfulness.  Please contact us if you are interested in seeing one of these workshops offered in the future, or would like to arrange to have one presented in your studio, community, or school.
  1. Introduction to Mindfulness
    This is a five-week group that introduces meditation and mindfulness. Participants are given tools to begin a home meditation practice as well as learn how to weave mindfulness in their daily lives. Topics include: mindful eating, meditation in action, communication, relationships, and maitri.
  2. Mindful Mamas
    All stages of mothering present challenges. In this group, we explore the challenges of mothering as well as ways meditation and mindfulness can help us to navigate those challenges.
  3. Introduction to the Five Elements
    In this one-day workshop, we examine the five elements and how they manifest in our lives and relationships. We examine the qualities of each element when it is in and out of balance in our lives and explore ways to bring our lives into harmony with the seasons and their elements.
  4. Sunflower Teens
    Meditation, yoga, and embodiment programs for teens aged 13-16.
  5. Yoga and the Chakras
    An in depth look at the Chakra system, taught in conjunction with yoga classes to enhance body awareness of the chakra centers and how yoga can be used to bring each center into balance.
  6. Compassion Education
    A curriculum used for students aged 8-12 to encourage empathy and compassion. This material has been presented in public schools and could be adapted for homeschooling groups.
  7. Sunflower Kids
    Yoga and mindfulness education for children ages 6-12.
  8. Mama & Baby Yoga
    The first year with a new baby is a special time, but finding time for self-care can be particularly challenging. In this series of classes we address the physical, mental and emotional challenges of parenting in the first year. We rebuild strength in the body, learn to weave mindfulness into caring for our babies, and discover small ways to care for our own well-being.