Private Yoga Session/ Yoga Therapy

 A private session allows you to work specifically with your physical and/or emotional journey.  A private session can be tailored to address recovery or work with limitations from a physical injury, build strength in the body, or to work creatively with places you would like to challenge growth in your personal practice. 

Yoga Therapy sessions can also be used to support you in creating a new practice, provide you with tools to manage stress, work with depression or anxiety, or to work through major life transitions or loss.  

Yoga Therapy aims to deepen your connection to your own body, to faciliate a deep listening to your inherent wisdom and trust in the body's healing capacity.  

Sliding scale: $40-70 per hour long session
Together, we will create a payment plan that allows private sessions to be accessible to all students.  
Weekly Group Classes

     Mondays    4:30-5:30pm     (all levels)
Wednesdays   5:30-6:30pm   (all levels
      Fridays        9:15-10:15am     (all levels)

$15 per class
2 Main Street, Cummington
  1. Managing Director


  1. I really love your teaching style! I really appreciate the inward focus of your approach and the gentleness, even when we are being vigorous. You're definitely my yoga home.
    C.L., Cummington